Guide to Matched Betting 2021


Guide to matched betting in 2021


Is it still possible to make money from matched betting in 2021? You bet it is! It is very much still possible to make money from matched betting this year. Despite less sporting events being held in the UK, you are still able to bet on events in different countries, and different sports to the usual.

If anything, matched betting is a brilliant (and tax free) way to increase your income during this unstable year. Many people make hundreds of pounds a month from matched betting, so let’s see if we can help you to do the same using this guide to matched betting in 2021.



UK Bloggers Summer Giveaway- Win A Garden Set!

Restrictions are slowly lifting, and we are so close to once again being able to see our friends and family- something we have probably taken for granted up until recently! If you’re a student maybe you have been stuck at home with your parents for most of the year so far? Or perhaps if you’re a new graduate you are moving to a new home this summer.

Either way, you probably wouldn’t say no to a brilliant free prize draw, would you? The UK bloggers have teamed up yet again to offer you a big summer giveaway. The prize is a magnificent rattan style outdoor furniture set! Whether you’d like to spruce up your own home, or perhaps treat mum and dad, this prize is too good to miss out on. Read on to find out the rules of the competition and enter for your chance to win this gorgeous garden set.


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The Father’s Day Prize Bundle Giveaway

We’ve blinked and suddenly we are in June with Father’s Day fast approaching! Where did the last 5 months go? When you’re a student it can be difficult to get the cash together to buy your Dad something special, but you don’t have to spend the earth to show your Dad that you love and appreciate them.

Most parents will always love a handmade gift, a thoughtful card, or a day out with you rather than something material. BUT, if you do want the chance to give your Dad some special gifts, why not enter this giveaway for the chance to win this fantastic gift bundle?

This prize bundle the UK Bloggers group has put together has got you covered with a wide range of gifts suited to all personalities and interests. Whether your dad loves golf or cheese, this bundle will be well received by any father this Father’s Day.



How To Find A Well Paid Job After Graduation

The biggest secret to getting a well-paid job, is to be the best candidate for the position. If a company is desperate to recruit you, they will be more open to negotiation of your starting salary.

Being the best candidate for the position can largely fall down to personality and suitability for the role- if an interviewer gets a good vibe from you- that’s half the battle! BUT there are things you can do to make your CV stand out in the first place to get you on that all-important interview list.



Budgeting Methods For Students

Budgeting as a student can be slightly more tricky that budgeting when you have a full time income. Your income might be varied, and you might have lump sums paid into your account each term rather than a monthly salary.

That said, there is no better time to start learning about budgeting, and making this part of your day-to-day routine- it’s a great habit to take with you into full time employment and adulthood.



How To Save Money For Internships

Thankfully, unpaid internships are now illegal in the UK- so the likelihood is that you will be compensated for your time when you undertake an internship as a student. However, if your internship is in London and you have no family or friends living in London, you will still need to save up the cash to live there for a month or two.

It’s difficult, but not impossible to support yourself whilst interning. Before you undertake your internship (and perhaps even before you’ve had confirmation of your placement) you might want to save up some money to help pay for the cost of interning.


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How to Start a Business at University

If you can fit it around your studies, university is a great time to start a business. You are networking with likeminded people every day, you have access to tons of resources, and you have time on your side. If you make a mistake, you’ve got plenty of time to fix it. It’s also a brilliant thing to have on your CV when you are looking for a graduate job.

So how can you start a new business whilst you are at university?



Healthy Money Habits for Teens & Students

Young adulthood is the perfect time to learn great money habits to see you right through the rest of your life. Being financially secure as an adult is vital to stability and can help to maintain good mental health too.

Anxieties about money are a huge problem for many young people in the UK today. By looking after yourself financially in your teens and early twenties, this can help ease money worries in the future and enable you to have a good relationship with money.



How to Save Money on Groceries as a Student

Learning how to save money on groceries as a student is a brilliant way to set yourself up for the future. Groceries are likely to be one of your biggest areas of expenditure, so it’s a good to have some ideas up your sleeve about how you can reduce this cost.

Food is an absolutely non-negotiable expense, and whilst you want to make sure you’re sticking to a good food budget, you also want to make sure that you are not restricting yourself too much in this area.

To succeed at university you still need to try and eat a relatively balanced diet to stay happy and healthy during one of the most important times of your life.



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