Hosting a Delightful Brunch Party: Top Tips

Sometimes, the most important decision you’ll make when planning a party is when it’s going to take place. Often, we assume that wedding showers, hen do’s, and birthday parties should take place at night – when everyone will be out of work and the booze is flowing freely. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed for your next event, you could consider launching a brunch party instead. Here are some of our best tips for a delightful brunch party that will blow all of your friends away. 

  1. Set Expectations Early

Brunch parties are a bit of a wild card in the event world. Sometimes people won’t know whether they should bring gifts to the event, let their children tag along, or even expect alcohol in the middle of the morning. It’s definitely possible to have a glass or two of champagne on an important brunch date, but this won’t be the case all the time. 

Additionally, you might prefer anyone bringing gifts to the event to keep them out of the way during the brunch itself, so there’s less clutter on the table. Whatever you’re planning, make sure that all of your guests know exactly what to expect. It’s also worth providing some information on things like what kind of food will be available and asking your guests if they need any special accommodations. 

  1. Plan the Menu

Brunch can be as laid back or as elegant as you want it to be. The key to success is making sure you know your audience. If your brunch party is for a particular person, then the main focus of your menu should be their preferences. If you’re not sure what they’re going to want, consider asking them about things like breakfast items, and drink choices. 

Additionally, make sure you’re using your RVSP list to avoid ignoring any essential details for things like allergies and dietary needs. You want to make sure that everyone at your brunch has a good time, not just the person that you’re honoring. 

  1. Think about Decorations

Planning decorations for a brunch party can be complicated. If you’re hosting the event at a fancy restaurant, then you might not want to clutter the place with too many decorations. However, most locations will let you hang a banner and bring some balloons, as long as you keep your decorations tasteful and family-friendly. This is particularly important to consider when hosting a hen party. 

If you’re creating a brunch party at home with food from a caterer or treats that you make yourself, you have a lot more freedom to go wild with the décor. There’s no-one stopping you from transforming your home. Just remember that you’ll need to clean up later too. 

  1. Think About Entertainment

Usually, brunch parties don’t demand a lot of entertainment. If you’re going to a restaurant for your brunch, then you’ll probably be happy to listen to whatever music is playing in the background and have conversations to keep yourself busy. However, if you’ve hired a private room, or you’re hosting the brunch at home, you might decide to splash out on entertainment options. 

Start by making a playlist of songs that will break the ice and stop the room for feeling too quiet when people are eating. You can also think about some games and events that are unique to the celebration in question. For instance, if it’s an engagement party, you could have games that help you get to know the bride and groom to be. 

  1. Have Fun 

Finally, the most important rule of any great party is to make sure that you’re having plenty of fun. You need to ensure that your guests are having a good time, sure, but remember that you’re part of the party too. If you’re always running around looking stressed, then it’s going to be difficult for anyone to relax. 

As with most things, it’s worth remembering that things might go wrong with your brunch party, but it’s not the end of the world. Don’t panic if someone knocks over a glass or makes a mess – even if it’s at a restaurant. The staff will have dealt with these problems before, and they’re not going to chastise you. However, it’s worth being aware of the expectations of the dining facility you’re visiting. For instance, you might need to find out how long you have a room for and how loud you can be. 

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