How to Make Extra Money as a Student

How to Make Extra Money as a Student

Sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time!) you’ll be in need of a little extra cash while you’re at university.

Even once you’ve tried to spend as little as possible on food and nights out, you might still want to find a way to get some more money into your bank account. This is the time where you could investigate some side hustles to earn some extra money towards enjoying some of the fun parts of university!

You’ll likely to have a little spare time between classes and studying (weekend cash jobs are particularly great for students!) so it’s a great time to start a side hustle which could even help you make extra money for years to come.

Surveys and sign up sites

Although survey sites will not make you rich, they can create a little extra income here and there which can be really helpful.

Some great sites to look at are YouGov and Prolific.

Both YouGov and Prolific offer surveys in genuinely interesting topics, and you’ll never get screened out of surveys. Prolific offer academic surveys from universities and research centers, so you’ll be sure you’re contributing towards real meaningful research.


You could freelance in pretty much anything- writing, design, building websites… no matter what your degree, you could freelance in something that compliments your skills.

Freelancing will also help you learn valuable business skills, and will be excellent experience to add to your CV once you start looking for employment after you graduate.

Start a blog

Starting a blog can be a slow burner, but university is the perfect time to put the wheels in motion to create a profitable blog. You currently have extra time which you may not have once you start full time employment. It’s the perfect time to start your own business.

It is possible to monetise a blog and grow it to such a level that it could even become your full time job itself!

Become an extra

Working as an extra is a student’s best friend. Not only is it a fun and unique way to make money, but it pays well too!

If you’re a student in a large city like London, Manchester or Birmingham, there will often be castings for TV and film extras in the area.

Head to Casting Collective to register your details and take a look at the current vacancies available.

Sell your unwanted possessions

Selling your unwanted possessions on sites like eBay, Depop and Gumtree is a fantastic way to make some extra money easily on the side.

You can easily list your items for sale from your smartphone- and you could even use the profits you make from selling your old clothing, to buy new clothing! This is a brilliant way to rotate your wardrobe without having to spend lots of money.

Take part in research studies and focus groups

Research studies and focus groups will pay you handsomely for your time. You can earn up to around $80 per study!

Your closest city is likely to have regular research study gigs available- my favourite sites to find research studies and focus groups are UserTribe and Respondent. Register your details and keep checking these websites to find out about new opportunities.

Sell your crafts

Selling your crafts and artwork online is a brilliant way to make some money on the side. If you are an art student this could be a particularly great way to get your work out into the world and start building your own brand.

Etsy is the best place to start with selling your crafts or artwork online, as it gives you access to a large online marketplace, and therefore a large audience. Couple this online store with a dedicated Instagram page, and you’ll have your first customers in no time!

Often as a student, your only employment options can seem like bartending at the student union, supermarket work, or being a sales assistant. However if you want to take on a job that can be more flexible around your schedule, picking up a side hustle can be a great alternative.

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  1. Fiona jk42

    I had several jobs as a student. I went to uni in London, and one of the jobs was as “evening maid” at a 5 star hotel, the hours were 5pm-midnight and they offered flexible shifts weekdays and weekends. A lot of the time was spent in the break room waiting for guests to ring for housekeeping, so it was possible to bring a book to read and actually get a bit of study done in between making beds or delivering clean towels.

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