9 Things You Don’t Need To Buy Before University

University is going to be expensive enough as it is, so you don’t want to go buying unnecessary items before you head off for your first term. The money that you save before you head off to uni, will be much better used once you are at university.

Here is a list of things that you really don’t need to buy before going to uni- they’re expensive, and they’ll be a pain to move when you need to move out of halls after your first year. And if you really need something once you move in? You can buy it.


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5 Great Money Saving Apps For Students

Managing your money as a student can be a challenge- you’ve never managed lump sums of money before, paid bills or even learnt about personal finance at school. But right now is the absolute best time to form good money habits, before you enter the world of full time employment.

There are a ton of ways to manage your money, but we already spend so much time on our smartphones- so why not use them to our advantage and use them to help save money?


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How to Make Extra Money as a Student

Sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time!) you’ll be in need of a little extra cash while you’re at university.

Even once you’ve tried to spend as little as possible on food and nights out, you might still want to find a way to get some more money into your bank account. This is the time where you could investigate some side hustles to earn some extra money towards enjoying some of the fun parts of university!

You’ll likely to have a little spare time between classes and studying (weekend cash jobs are particularly great for students!) so it’s a great time to start a side hustle which could even help you make extra money for years to come.



5 Ways To Save Money At University

We all know how tight money can be at university- there’s a reason for the student stereotype of beans on toast for every meal! But despite the stereotype, there are ways that you can save money at university so that you can spend more on the things that matter, and keep costs down.

University is likely to be the first time you’ll be away from home, and so it’s a great time to learn some great financial habits for the future.



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